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Trivec sprayer TRV400SPR

The Trivec Sprayer is developed for spraying reactive stains on floor boards. The unit is also  suitable for applying most coloured stains which are waterbased. The sprayer is ment to be integrated between two driven conveyor systems (from customer side or available as option). Work pieces are recognized with the help of a sensor. This means that the sprayer activate automatically only when a parquet board is passing  (no excessive loss of stain). Overspray is gathered in a plastic reservoir which need to be connected to an (optional) exhauster.

Working width (max) 400 mm
Setting of sprayer height combination of hand wheel & hydraulic cylinder
Movable yes, on swivel wheels (with brake)
Overspray reservoir integrated connection for optional exhauster unit
Settings over touch screen (display)
Electrical connection 230V / 50Hz (2Ph + ground)
Marking CE
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