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Ambitious Trivec takes up residence in new company premises.

‘Experience Centre allows us to develop new ideas and applications together with our clients.’

The Dutch manufacturer of finishing machines for parquet and such like has moved to brand new  offices in Sumar between Drachten and Leeuwarden. ‘The move will enable us to test new ideas and develop techniques for finishing work surfaces,’ says Branko Westra from Vec/Trivec. 
Finish Lines for parquet from 4 to 60 metres long 
Flexible finishing lines with a whole range of surface treatments for wooden floors have taken off in recent years. As a manufacturer and developer of these finishing lines, Trivec has given parquet producers worldwide the opportunity to unveil revamped collections of parquet and supported makers of oils and lacquers in the development of their latest products. Branko Westra says: ‘Brushing the wooden surface, distressing, preserving, impregnating, or colouring and applying coatings, lacquer, paint, glue, stain, or oil with rollers or spraying devices, for instance. These jobs  could only be done manually in bygone days or they had to be done industrially on a large scale. The modular machines from Trivec are deployed for both small jobs and for major industrial productions. A good example is a 60-metre long production line with six coating stations and four UV dryers which has started up in April this year at the premises of a client in Sweden.
Sprayer for reactive stains and cross-effect machine  
According to Branko Westra, ongoing demand for new finishing options always motivates Trivec to develop the accompanying technology. He says, ‘Recently, for example, we’ve launched another sprayer machine for reactive stains. Roller technology and standard spraying machines are not suitable for these types of products. And so, the sprayer is designed in materials which are resistant to the extremely oxidative character of such stains. Another example is the Cross Cut Machine. The second generation of this machine is being launched in May and will provide an affordable solution for obtaining a diagonal structure (fine-sawn) effect on the wood surface.  

Perfect test laboratory
The new Trivec company offices have a large production room, showroom, reception, and a unique experience centre.² The Experience Centre is a sort of laboratory where all coating and other processing machines are tested. It’s possible to demonstrate any possible work surface treatment. 


‘Creating Coating Solutions Together’
‘Personal consultation, joint tests, and independent advice are essential for delivering exactly what clients long and look for. And so, we’re delighted that we now have the opportunity to welcome clients to the Experience Centre. And so, it’s certainly no coincidence that ‘Creating  Coating Solutions Together’ is our company slogan. This approach enables us to provide clients with a solution which fits in perfectly with their needs and projects. Moreover, this ensures that ideas arise which can lead to new technology,’ Branko Westra concludes.




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