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Drying systems

The drying process takes place following the application of a paint layer. During drying the solvent is removed from the paint layer as a result of which the permanent substances 'mesh' and attach themselves to the material surface.

Air-supported and/or infrared drying

Water-borne paint systems dry well 'in the air'. Depending upon production quantities drying racks may be a good and flexible solution to this. In automated production processes, depending upon the type of varnish, drying tunnels with air circulation systems are used, solely or in combination with infrared and/or UV technology.

UV drying systems

UV varnishes only dry under the influence of UV light. UV ensures that the so-called 'photo-indicators' in the varnish are activated as a result of which the varnish dries immediately. Depending upon the application (indoor/ outdoor), desired quality and production quantities, selecting this drying technique may be a consideration.

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