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Brushing takes place using a brush combination which consists of 2 brushing modules (steel & tynex). The required effect can be reached by adjusting the pressure on the brush, change in conveyor speed, running direction of the brushes and by using different types of brushes.

The machine offers a big variety of brushing effects on the wood surface. With the additional SC Sanding Brush (option) it will also be possible to use the machine for brush sanding/denibbing.

Brush motor 2 x 4,0kW
Brush speed 1st motor 950 r/min
Brush speed 2nd motor adjustable 200 – 1200 r/min
Brush diameter 205 mm
Conveyor speed adjustable with vario motor (max. 16 m/min)
Maximum working width 350 mm
Height adjustment brushes central height adjustment for both modules. Fine adjustment on each separate module
Reading brush height analogue (10ths of mm)
Angle adjustment on each brush module
Connection dust extraction 2x 100 mm (dust extraction unit not included)
Electrical supply 380V – 50Hz (16A)
Shortest transport length 400 mm
Transportation height 5 - 250 mm
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