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Machines and solutions for the application of varnishes, oils, stains and adhesives

Trivec is the international brand name of our equipment and machines for the finishing of panels and parquet. The machines are developed and constructed in-house and constantly adapted to new applications in the market. The machines in the Trivec programme are modular in nature and, depending upon the desired finish and production capacity, can be prepared, adapted and expanded to provide you with the most suitable solution.

Trivec Test Centre

All of the machines are designed in the Trivec Test Centre in Sumar (The Netherlands). You are most welcome to discuss your project, exchange experiences and working in practice with the technology.

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Dosing roller machines

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The NEW Trivec Cross Cutter

Cross Cutter
Ambitious Trivec takes up residence in new company premises.

Ambitious Trivec takes up residence in new company premises.

The Dutch manufacturer of finishing machines for parquet and such like has moved to brand new  offices in Sumar between Drachten and Leeuwarden. ‘The move will enable us to test new ideas and develop techniques for finishing work surfaces,’ says Branko Westra from Vec/Trivec. 

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